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About Lazenne

Lazenne is a French company Situated in Retif Aubervilliers. It was formed out of the need to transport delicate wine bottles by persons who had visited France. For the lack of suitable protective carriers, necessity bore invention.

The group through this challenge came up with a plan of designing luggage for wine and alcohol bottles.  Since then, this has become the main business of this company. The product is light and has slots that can fit a bottle. Styrofoam is used to absorb shock and keep the temperatures stable since it’s a poor conductor of heat.

Lazenne makes other products like wine bottle boxes used in planes and shipping. They can accommodate up to 12 bottles. Bottle pouches and security fasteners are among other carrier accessories Lazenne makes. The customer can conveniently pay via Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Customers get a 10% discount off their first purchase.

Lazenne guarantees its products. A replacement is done in case of any fault. Any cancellation before a shipment is always refunded.

Lazenne Review

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Convenient to carry

Expert’s Review

I am a sommelier with 13 years of experience. I recommend Lazenne because of its convenient packaging techniques. Your alcohol bottles will be safe while you fly.


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