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About Brick Masons

Brick Masons is an organization of persons who believe in freemasonry. It’s founded in the belief that freemasonry association is for everyone. It seeks to demystify lots of propaganda about the association as well as connecting freemasons using social media.

Brick Masons designs high-quality jewellery of  Ceramic, tungsten, copper, silver, and even stainless steel. It customizes to the satisfaction of the customer with great precision. What’s more, all purchases can be shipped worldwide to the convenience of the customer.

Plans are underway to have an outreach program through blogs. This will eventually culminate in setting up a library. By so doing masses will have access to study materials and be educated about the association. Members are encouraged to checkout masonic apparel and jewelry in our stores. It makes custom designs too.

It could be an addition to detail of a complete masonic ornament or a new item altogether. By buying from Brick Masons a customer will be contributing to the organization and consequently the freemasonry. Again new customers get 10% promotion codes.

Brick Masons Review

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Expert’s Review

I am a jeweller with 11 years of experience. I recommend Brick Masons because they are of high-quality jewellery and allow customization. Durable material and good resell value.