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About Parallels

Parallels Inc. is a worldwide established firm that offers cross-platform solutions. It seeks to simplify the operations users may need to apply in a remote status. This includes files and other data that could be at a distance in the time of need.

Businesses can transact securely and efficiently. Parallels as a tool is a compatible tool that fits in well with many devices such as PCs, Tablets, and laptops. Operating systems too link in well. These include Windows, Mac, Linux, Cloud, Chromebook, and Android. Parallels pride in having tens of products. Parallels have partnered with Microsoft for more than 10 years to provide a convenient platform for users.

Parallels Toolbox for Mac and Windows cleans your drive and secures your private files. Customers are allowed a free trial before purchase.  They have the convenience of accessing their work from anywhere. Parallels keep on updating and coming up with more versatile products. A follow-up with customers ensures a satisfied clientele.

Frequently Asked Questions about Parallels

What services do Parallels provide?

Parallels is a virtual machine solution provider that provides various virtual machines with different capabilities. Ranging from 4 virtual cores to 32 virtual cores for all your business or individual needs. Parallel’s virtual machine solution gives the user a streamlined workflow experience.

How are parallels different from other Virtual machine solution companies?

Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition delivers unparalleled processing power, so you can code in Visual Studio, design in Autodesk apps, automate in PowerShell, play resource-heavy Windows games, and more—all on a Mac and as easy as on a PC. You can also test on various native browsers, you can also create a separate VM for various dev tools.

What kind of plans do Parallels offer?

It offers 3 plans. First is the standard plan for $79.99. This includes seamless integration, use of a virtual TPM chip, disk space optimization, and compatibility with windows installation for 8GB VRAM and 4 CPUs. Second is the pro plan for $99.99/year which includes 128GB VRAM and 32 vCPUs with unlimited email and phone support. The third business plan for $99.99/year also adds centralized admin management and a unified license key for mass deployment.

How long does Parallel take to get installed? 

The installation process is simple whether you want Parallels for Mac, Linux, or even android. Firstly, attempt Parallels free charge trial and audit the product to decide if it meets your requirements. Although the installation is simple and quick, using the software may require some tech-savvy skills. Do take a look at the company’s resource guide.

Is Parallels safe to use?

Parallels offer world-class encryption to ensure a better user experience. The Virtual machine interface is built upon a well-developed framework, the overall package doesn’t allow any intruder or malicious programs to derail the experience. For further queries, You can talk to the support team dedicated to serving 24/7.

Parallels Reviews

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Data Storage

Expert’s Review

Being an IT Head of an SME in Nebraska, I’ve worked with Parallels for 3 years now. It’s secured when it comes to file and data transfer and storage. It’s a bit pricey but worth the money.


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