How to Save Money Shopping for Clothes Online? (Tips & Tricks)

Shopping online for clothes is gaining popularity for all good reasons. From celebrity fashion inspirations to easy browsing and even quicker access to deals, brands have attracted a huge chunk of in-store buyers. In 2021, out of all the sales online, 29.5% were from the fashion industry, according to a survey done by Statista. The evolution of online garments shopping is rapid. With a global market value of $759.5 billion in 2021, the fashion industry is the leading e-commerce sector in the world. With so many brands and styles at our disposal, and ever-changing trends, it is essential to know how to save money shopping for clothes online.

Save Money Shopping For Clothes Online

Use Browser Extensions

There are browsers out there that comb the internet for coupon codes when you shop. Few also compare prices across sellers and show which product is at the best price. Some track your favorite products across sites and notify you during a price drop.

Honey, camelcamelcamel, and Karma are some of the popular extensions.

Price Protection Tools

Have you ever felt disappointed when the price of your recently bought product went down? Feel cheated no more. You can use tools that keep track of your purchases by searching for e-receipts from retailers in your inbox. If there’s a drop in price within a certain period, it contacts the retailer in your name and negotiates for a refund, thereby saving money shopping for clothes. Paribus is one such tool. It also searches for promo codes that could have been applied to the product and has the coupon redeemed retroactively.

Deliver to Store

Shipping charges are a big nuisance that shoppers have to deal with. In fact, 93% of buyers prefer free shipping to any other type of rebate. There is an option to bypass shipping charges, by delivering the products to the store. You can shop online from the comfort of your home, and pick up the delivery when you happen to pass by the store. For example, Macy’s gets your parcel ready in just 2 hours of placing your order. But you should order before 6 pm to avail of this service. 

Reuse Gift Cards

Secondhand gift cards are a great way to save money while shopping for clothes online because it’s not one of those time-consuming hacks! They are nothing but pre-owned or partially used gift cards that you can purchase for a discounted price. Combine these cards with in-app deals, coupons, or any other money-saving hack and reap extra benefits. and Raise are some of the marketplaces for secondhand gift cards to save money shopping for clothes online.

Track Prices of Your Wishlist

Websites like Shop It To Me and ShopStyle specialize in saving your favorite products, brands, or even an entire search list. These sites monitor your wishlist and the second the prices are slashed, you’re notified. That way you can save on clothes while shopping online, and be ahead of other shoppers.

Subscribe To Newsletters

Shopping stores offer discounts when you sign up for their newsletters. Once you’re on their mailing list, you receive discounts, promo codes, and news about sale dates. You might even get early access to sales, so you can buy your favorite outfit before it goes out of stock.

It helps to create a separate email account exclusively for subscribing to such newsletters. This will save your personal email inbox from flooding with spam. If you feel the subscription is not useful, you can anytime unsubscribe by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link which is usually in the footer section of the mail.

Membership Clubs

Many apparel stores have loyalty or membership clubs for their customers. Most of the time they charge a basic registration fee, but sometimes it’s free.

The benefit of these programs is that whenever you purchase from that store, you earn loyalty cash or coins. You can use these points later for discounts or cashback. Sometimes the products are offered for a lesser price for the club members. A smarter way would be to let these rewards add up for a certain period, and later use them to buy something expensive for a cheaper price.

Amazon’s Prime membership is one such club. They offer free and faster shipping, and other benefits like video and audio streaming, etc.

Know The Details

Get familiar with the fabric of the garment you’re buying. Since feeling the fabric is not an option in online shopping, you must read all the details about the fabric. So that there are no unwanted surprises once you get the product, and the item is forgotten in your wardrobe. Money wasted is money not saved. The same goes for the size of the clothes. You don’t want to get into the hassles of returning the item.

Buy Basics in Bulk

Do you find yourself buying certain garments again and again? How about considering buying them in bulk? Because for obvious reasons, buying in bulk will let you save money shopping for clothes by reducing the cost per unit. Consider buying crisp white T-shirts or the basic black button-up shirts, or even socks in bulk.

Buy OFF Season

Try buying a warm and thick duffle coat in the peak of summer. Check the price of the swim dress you’ve had your eyes on when it’s the season of the downpour. You might be surprised to see how affordable it is compared to when you checked in the summer. Brands push up prices based on the clothes and trends that are in season. So plan your wardrobe accordingly and shop at non-peak times. 

Avoid Dry Clean Only

Some fabrics just can’t be washed with your regular detergent and water. Because either the chemicals in the detergent might damage the material or the water could shrink it. That is why ‘dry clean only’ clothes are expensive to maintain. Clothes with tags that recommend dry cleaning can be soap washed gently.

Leave Items In Your Cart

You’re on a shopping haul. You select items after items and proceed to checkout. You see the bill and do a double-take. Here is a trick you can do to reduce that check. Leave the website without shopping (but don’t sign out). Sounds silly but it’s true.

After a couple of days, you’re likely to get an email from the retailer with a discount on the bill. But don’t become a frequent cart-absconder. It only works a handful of times.

Follow Coupon It Now to Save Money Shopping for Clothes

94% of Americans claimed to be using coupons for shopping in 2019. Our website has more than five million coupons across various categories. Approximately 500K deals are for the fashion category that can be used to save money shopping for clothes online.  Promo codes for popular brands like Simplee Apparel, Oscar Rossa, Luca + Grae, and many more, which are known for their affordable and in-trend collection are listed in Coupon It Now. Don’t forget to check them out.

It is estimated that the overall increase in e-commerce penetration will be from 46.6% this year to 60.32% by 2024. The United States is known to be the largest apparel market in the world. Combine our recommended hacks and save money while shopping for clothes in this huge virtual global market.

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