How to Save Money at Best Buy Every Time You Shop Online?

Best Buy offers a wide range of electronics and appliances to consumers. When you think of shopping for consumer electronics, you think of Best Buy. The name denotes the offers they roll for their customers. But have you ever thought about how to save money at best buy than what it offers regularly? Consumers with a bucket list of electronic appliances can benefit a lot from our tips and tricks to save money at Best Buy.

How To Save Money at Best Buy?

In this article, we share 9 real-time applicable tips on how to save money at Best Buy. Through this write-up, we’ll tell you how to stay updated on the latest offers, and how to get extra discounts on Best Buy if you’re a student or a member.

Let’s begin!

Get Notified of Discounts

The first thing you must do to stay updated on Best Buy deals is by signing up for its newsletter. You might receive some early-bird offers and exclusive deals during the festive season. Keep an eye on emails for flash sales, Black Friday sales, or Cyber Monday sales when Best Buy goes nuts and goes on a discounted selling spree. Flash Sales at Best Buy last for 4 hours, 8 hours, or even 24 hours. We have the best holiday and special offers hosted on our website, don’t forget to check them out. We recommend following Best Buy on social media as well. Following their Facebook page or Twitter handle, you can get to know about the best offers they’re rolling out.

Get My Best Buy Credit Card

The My Best Buy store credit card is issued by Citibank, and it is designed to benefit customers who can use this card exclusively at Best Buy stores. You can sign up for a My Best Buy Credit Card and get 5% back in rewards, or financing options for products $299 and above. On signing up you receive a 10% back in rewards on your first day of purchase.

Join Best Buy Membership Programs

More ways to save money at Best Buy are by enrolling in their free-of-cost membership club. The benefits of My Best Buy Program are:

  • Free Shipping: Best Buy offers free shipping to its members with a minimum threshold purchase of $35.
  • Get Rewarded: Get Best Buy rewards on every dollar spent (precisely half a point for every dollar spent). Apple and Beats products are applicable for rewards only when purchased with My Best Buy Credit Card.
  • Exclusive Deals: Get deals exclusive only for Best Buy’s members called.
  • Geek Squad: Best Buy’s in-house tech support team is available 24/7/365. Purchase a Non-Apple laptop, desktop, or tablet and get $50-$100 off on your Geek Squad plan.
  • Elite Membership: Spend $1500 per calendar year and be a part of Elite membership. You get a point for each dollar spent, once you’re a My Best Buy Elite member. Get free shipping as a benefit, without a minimum purchase required.
  • Elite Plus Membership: Spend $3500 per calendar year and get upgraded to My Best Buy elite plus member. You get 1.25 reward points per dollar spent and free same-day delivery, and 2-day shipping delivery.

Cashback Apps

Many businesses collaborate with Best Buy to offer money-saving opportunities. These apps credit a partial amount spent on a product, back into your account. Ibotta is one such app. You just need to link your loyalty account and Ibotta does it for you. You can cash out whenever you hit the $20 mark.

Student & Employee Deals

Best Buy offers student discounts. Get yourself verified as a student by registering at and providing your Student ID or school email address. Best Buy verifies if you’re a valid student with the help of a third-party checker. And if you fail to get verified, you will need to provide them with proof that you are enrolled in a school.

This might not be the best option to save money at Best Buy, but it’s worth a try. If you want to save big on electronics, consider taking up a job at Best Buy, and joining the blue crew. Best Buy employee discounts vary from 20% to 60% on the original price. However, there’s a catch.

You must be working at Best Buy for at least 30 days to receive the discount. But there are exceptions to this discount. You will only be able to get your hands on accessories and products of Best Buy brands like Insignia. 

Know The Sale Calendar

Best Buy rolls out deals regularly throughout the calendar. Check Best Buy’s Deal of the Day and Flash Deals page for new Best Buy discounts every day. Best Buy also puts up huge sales during holidays like Black Friday. According to a statistic, 7% of the entire online Black Friday sales were through Best Buy. Plan your purchase accordingly to save money at Best Buy.

Price Adjustment Guaranteed

Best Buy guarantees lesser prices for many of its products, compared with its competitors. If you come across a product at Best Buy whose price is higher than that of its competitors, you can claim a lower price and save money. 

Trade Your Old Tech

Don’t let your old electronics go to a landfill and pollute the environment. Check with your old appliances at Best Buy to know their worth and get a gift card to buy a new one. Using the gift card can help you save money on your next purchase at Best Buy. If your old tech can’t be traded in, drop them at Best Buy, they will recycle it. 

The Outlet Store

You can buy open-box items (products that have been removed from the original packaging and returned), save on clearance, and buy refurbished products from Best Buy’s online outlet store. The discount on open-box items can be as high as 50%, and refurbished products can get 30% slashed from their sticker price.

Grab Coupons to Save Money at Best Buy!!!

Best Buy stays true to its motto, “Expert Service. Unbeatable Price”. Best Buy’s online sales have increased drastically, from 15.5% in 2018 to 43.1% in 2021. When so many people have started trusting Best Buy, it must be doing something right. With its undeniably low prices, knowing about Deal of the Day, Student Discounts, buying refurbished products, and open box items can save that extra money you would have otherwise spent. Shopping online has multiple benefits over in-store shopping. You get new user discounts, free shipping offers, exclusive deals, referral discounts, and much more. Combining all of it, we bring in exclusive Best Buy discount codes and coupons for you to save money while shopping at Best Buy.


How can I save money on Best Buy?

By checking its regular deals on the website, being a part of its loyalty program, and a few of the many ways you can save money at Best Buy.

How does Best Buy save 10%?

By signing up for My Best Buy Credit Card, you get a 10% discount on the first purchase.

Can you negotiate the price at Best Buy?

You can negotiate the price of a product at Best Buy by using the price matching policy.

Does Best Buy offer any discounts?

Best Buy rolls out many sales on holidays, apart from the daily deals it features.

How to use Best Buy employee discount online?

You can use the employee discount on the mobile app ( But it’s suggested to first add the products on and then checkout on

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