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About Gem-Water

Gem-Water is a product of VitaJuwel, a water selling company. Gem-water makes glass water bottles and uses gemstones in its production that makes it special. The process involves infusing drinking water through radiation. However, you have to note that gemstones and water don’t come into conduct.

A prism is employed which contains the gems. Gems make the water look elegant. Again, they enliven the water. The infusion brings back the natural spring state. The gems restore the lost properties through pollution and give it a fresh taste. As an enhancement measure, VitaJuwel has made available containers that contain these gems. These are such as vials, droplets, and water bottles.

The maintenance part of it is to wash with lukewarm soapy water. No chemicals or abrasives may be used. For wholesale customers, VitaJuwel offers the best wholesale prices. Orders over $130.00 within the US come with a free shipping offer. Again, the restoration of natural state to water has therapeutic attributes in our health system. Gem-Water enhances confidence. The gems enhance water quality.

Gem-Water Review

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Water quality
Bottle durability


I am a nutritionist with 9 years of experience. I recommend Gem-Water because its a powerful pain-reliever.