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About Ecomi Secure Wallet

Ecomi Secure Wallet is a digital asset management tool. It’s a product of Ecomi, a Singapore based company that deals with blockchain technology and the details of cryptocurrency.

Ecomi Secure Wallet is a device that seeks to maintain your Bitcoins, collectibles, tokens, and other 1000+ cryptocurrencies. It’s a well-designed e-card with a display, charging terminals and a wireless connector. It plays the same purpose the Ecomi App plays only that the card is portable and has more functions while it supports more than 1000 accounts of cryptocurrencies.

Customers enjoy privacy with their accounts. A device that combines all accounts ensures the convenience of transacting. Customers are provided with a manual and recovery card in case it gets lost. Ecomi Secure Wallet approved by experts is hacker-proof. Again it’s waterproof and not easy to tamper with. It is designed in a manner that makes it compatible with other wireless devices.

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I am a cryptography consultant with 5 years experience. I recommend Ecomi Secure Wallet because it is safe and easy to move.

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