Booster Theme: Turn Your Store Into Persuasion Machine

Booster Theme is a popular Shopify theme which offers various marketing tools to build your Shopify store. Its optimized performance includes a set of over 100 features, which assists Shopify store owners to sell faster and boost their sales. Alongside theme layouts, Booster Theme also provides app integrations to strengthen theme capabilities. It offers multiple customization options whilst staying incredibly light, stable and performance-oriented. The brand assures your website’s code is secure, stable and optimized.

Merchants looking for a Shopify theme with a lot of customization options are familiar with Booster Theme. Clean Canvas, a theme with many capabilities for bringing the in-store shopping experience online, designed and supports the Shopify Booster Theme. This Booster Theme is what you’ll need if you’re setting up a one- or two-product store with a little sales funnel. “Why don’t you use free themes from the Shopify Theme Store?” you might have heard someone remark. Okay, they’re free, but they’re lacking in customizing options, which is where Shopify themes like Booster come in handy. Checkout the official website here.

Booster Theme FAQs

What services does Booster Theme offer?

Booster Theme offers a wide range of theme layouts to increase your online shop’s aesthetics. It provides multiple store-building features, including geo-personalized content, predictive search, dynamic checkout, quick buy and much more. These services help to skyrocket your brand efficiently.

How is Booster theme different from other Shopify theme providers?

Booster Theme stands out from the competition through its efficient optimization systems. Their developers grasp information from 40-45 research studies to create the perfect themes. Booster Theme’s modular java control and zero work outsourcing result in faster updates over the themes. The brand’s optimized CSS coding speeds up interactions.

What plans does Booster Theme offer?

Booster Theme offers two subscription plans. First is the yearly license for $249 that provides multiple booster apps, speed optimization features, store presets, image auto-optimizer, pop-ups and sticky bars, unlimited visitors, etc. Second is the lifetime plan, priced at $399. This offers all the benefits of the yearly plan along with one year of tech support. Both plans offer a 14-day trial. If dissatisfied, the brand also provides a refund.

Does Booster Theme offer customization?

Booster Theme serves a wide range of tools for customization. Customize your cart page starting from UI to how customers access it. The smart mega menu provides a unique way to catalog products. You can also add recommendations, a ‘people also buy’ section, a currency converter and countdown timers for efficient sales.

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