Blinkist: The Best Book Summary App in Only 15 Minutes

Blinkist is a professional service with excellent narrators and books that are well-organized and easy to follow. If you prefer to read, 5,000 books have a high-quality 15-minute audiobook and a written summary. It publishes 500 new book summaries per year, so you’ll never run out of new material. I even used Blinkist to make a 1-Day MBA list, which I am confident you will like. It is a new service that promises to “bring learning into your life” by helping you read books faster. It claims to offer readers a faster way to absorb more nonfiction works, with over 3000 titles across 27 categories. Check the official website here.

Blinkist FAQs

What plans does Blinkist offer?

Blinkist provides two premium plans. Its monthly plan costs $12.99 and includes no trials. The yearly plan is billed at $6.67 per month. It comes with a free 7-day trial to help you explore better. With these plans, you get unlimited access to 5000+ bestselling nonfiction titles, hands-free learning with high-quality audio, and can download titles for offline access.

How is Blinkist different from other book summary apps?

It is one of the cheapest book summary service providers. It takes the best of nonfiction and condenses it into pieces just a minute or two long. At just $0.18/day, you can access multiple books and podcasts with core life lessons shared in digestible formats. It offers valuable content at a pocket-friendly price, outshining its competitors.

What kind of books does Blinkist have?

It has a wide range of nonfiction books on themes including politics, business, society, popular science, personality development, and more. You can easily select a book from the popular categories listed on the app. Add your suggestion to the wishlist for the books currently unavailable.

How can I purchase subscriptions in bulk?

You can opt for a team subscription with up to 200 people with Blinkist Business. Fill in the contact form for teams having more than 200 people. You can also drop an email at to purchase the premium subscriptions as gifts with a minimum purchase order is $1,975.

How long is the Blinkist free trial?

Blinkist offers a 7-day trial for the premium plan, which gives you access to their 5,000+ book summaries, audio versions for the insights, and saving your library offline. You’ll be charged for the premium subscription if you do not cancel their trial before it ends.

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