Atoll Boards: Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards & Accessories

The Atoll Boards SUPs have a lot going for them, and we’ve had a lot of fun testing them out. This ISUP is easy to paddle and stable. It glides effortlessly because of its form and design, which includes a beautiful tapered nose and a huge touring fin, and we found it to be faster than many other 32″ wide boards we’ve tried. The difference in how well this board glides is evident, and there is definitely less drag. Even though it is a wide board, it weighs only 21 lbs. and takes less effort to paddle than many others of similar size due to the well-thought-out design. Check out their official website here.

Atoll Boards FAQs

What products do Atoll Boards sell?

They sell distinct paddle boards along with multiple surfing accessories including waterproof bags, paddle gears, SUP hats, towels, and special tees. Their floating dry phone cases and waist pouches protect your belongings throughout your sea adventure.

How is Atoll Boards different from other paddle brands?

They have their roots in surf culture, which makes them stand out from the crowd. It offers portable and versatile boards, fit for each age group at competitive prices. They have expert staff who help you make the perfect purchase based on your needs.

Can I buy an Atoll Board’s ISUP online?

Yes, They have their products spread across the digital sphere as well. You can find some of the best quality Atoll ISUPs directly from their website or on Amazon. All coupon codes are only applicable through the official website purchases.

How long does it take for my order to get delivered?

Since They have multiple centers located in the continental US, your board gets delivered within 3 days. They offer free shipping. Once the product gets shipped the customer receives a tracking number through email for convenient delivery.

What happens if my product is damaged?

If you receive a damaged product, you can easily get a replacement. If it’s minor damage, send photos of the product to within 48 hours of delivery. They ensure to keep their customers 100% satisfied.

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