Animatron: Easy to Use & Powerful Online Animation Maker

Animatron is a video management solution that uses a drag-and-drop interface to allow small businesses, educational institutions, and marketing agencies to make animated videos. Animators can use pre-built animated characters and backdrops to create themed infographics on the platform. Designers can also import and edit personalized pictures and videos to generate and export visuals in HTML5, GIF, and SVG formats for use on various social networking networks. Check the official website here.

Animatron FAQs

What services does Animatron offer?

Animatron offers 4 services – Animatron studio, video editor, video hosting, and content calendar builder. It also enables users to create impressive presentations, HTML5 banners, and explainer videos. It provides an 8-week course in animation for beginners.

How is Animatron different from other video and animation software?

They offer a high-quality live streaming studio, video editor, thumbnail maker, video hosting, video recording, and stock library. It features a free marketplace with multiple pre-animated characters, props, and backgrounds to create animations with drag-and-drop functionalities.

What comes with Animatron Studio?

It is an online animated video maker which provides a library of 500K royalty-free video clips, audio, and photos. With this easy-to-use With its easy-to-use platform, users can easily create stunning visuals, including attractive banner ads and video catalogs with a 300% ROI. It offers multiple free assets, infinite customization, and flexible exporting options.

Does Animatron have a watermark?

Yes, it has. However, you can remove it by purchasing the pro version, which offers multiple benefits. This version includes project privacy, HD video export without any watermarks, and a wide range of analytics tools. You can also get our exclusive coupon code to buy Animatron Pro at a discounted price.

What plans does Animatron offer?

They offer 3 subscription plans. First is the free plan, which includes 5 public projects, 50GB storage/month and SD up to 10 seconds. The second is the pro plan for $30/month, which includes unlimited public projects, 100GB storage/month, and HD 720 for up to 10 minutes. The third is the business plan for $60/month, which offers unlimited public projects, 1000GB/month, and HD 1080 for up to 20 minutes. All of these plans allow access to various static and animated graphics, objects, backgrounds, audio and sound FX.

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