AMZScout: Amazon Product Research Tool & FBA Sellers

AMZScout is a useful set of tools that takes out the guesswork and hard work of locating profitable products on Amazon in a matter of months or less.

It begins by putting up the foundation for HOW to become lucrative. The software then assists you in locating high-profit products, optimizing your listings for more sales, and planning your entire AMZ business for optimal profit. Check the official website here.


What all tools do AMZScout offer?

AMZScout sells a wide range of tools which are divided into 3 categories. Keyword listing category includes keyword explorer, tracker reverse ASIN lookup, and PPC evaluation. The Product Research category has a product database and Amazon dropshipping with arbitrage. The free tools include FBA fees Calculator, Stock Stats Chrome Extension, sales estimator, and super URL tool. These productive tools provide the most accurate analytics solutions to help Amazon sellers.

How is AMZScout different from other research tools?

AMZScout is an easy, quick, and accurate research tool offering a comprehensive data set and various payment plans. Unlike other research tools, this powerful software is available in 7 languages to assist users worldwide. It integrates both as a Chrome extension and web application.

How many plans does AMZScout offer?

Yes, it offers 2 plans, each for monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscriptions. First is the Pro extension, which provides the verification of profitable products, and the AMZScout Seller’s Course at $45.99/month, $197.99/year, and $499/lifetime. The second is Amazon Seller’s Bundle, including 1000+ Amazon products, Stock Stats, product quick view, and Amazon keyword search with reverse ASIN lookup at $49.99/month, $349.99/year, and $1,499/lifetime.

Does AMZScout provide any free trial?

Yes, AMZScout provides a 7-day free trial which you can cancel anytime. It also offers a 10-day money-back period and free access to most primary tools.

What courses does AMZScout offer?

The company provides multiple courses to understand fast Amazon business growth easily. These include Amazon Private Label Course (23 lessons), Amazon Seller Training Course (12 lessons), and Amazon Masterclasses on FBA.

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