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AdPlexity is a powerful ad espionage technology on the market. You may track your competitor’s profitable ad campaigns with its simple UI and rich ad statistics. It is one of the most effective ad spy tools available. It is used by many top affiliate marketers over any other affiliate tracking solution. This tool has a number of capabilities, all of which are aimed at providing precise information about marketing initiatives. Checkout out the official website here.

Adplexity Mobile

The use of mobile devices is steadily increasing, and affiliate marketers are finding that this is a great source of traffic. Many carriers are now offering extremely high-speed connections to mobile devices at very low prices. One of the most impressive offerings is the mobile version. Like every other affiliate marketer, I took advantage of Adplexity Mobile as well. Check AdPlexity Mobile Coupon Code for a 35% discount on your subscription.

Adplexity Desktop

Adplexity Desktop is the most basic out of all versions. This version focuses solely on profitable campaigns that target desktop users. When I bought this package, I was able to see all of the active campaigns for desktop users. I searched through them and looked for the most successful campaigns. I can quickly identify the best ones and see what they’re doing with their ads by using various filters. Check AdPlexity Desktop Coupon Code for a 35% discount on your subscription.

Adplexity Native

Native advertising is one of the most effective forms of marketing because it allows you to effortlessly distribute the content you want visitors to see without any obstacles. Adplexity Native allows you to track competitor native advertisements in over 35 countries. You may discover which native advertisements the most successful affiliates are utilizing and adapt their strategy to your own native ads. Check AdPlexity Native Coupon Code for a 35% discount on your subscription.

Adplexity Push

Like native advertisements, push notification ads are a good way to advertise. These ads are quite simple, but they are very effective. You may deliver your message to users with push advertisements just like any other notification they get on their smartphone. Users do not block these types of adverts, and they might be quite involved in your campaign. I used Adplexity Push to split mobile and desktop at the same time, then used the best of the best for my campaign. Data on push notification ads from more than 70 countries may be viewed and filtered by mobile and desktop. Check AdPlexity Push Coupon Code for a 35% discount on your subscription.

Adplexity eCommerce

Adplexity eCommerce assisted me in determining which products are performing exceptionally well. I only used products that had a decent track record with the competition. I developed an e-commerce store solely for those items, and the results were incredible. Because it offers a database of over 71 million products from over 100k online businesses, it is one of the most popular marketing tools. Check AdPlexity eCommerce Coupon Code for a 35% discount on your subscription.

Adplexity Carriers

Analyzing traffic through a mobile carrier may have looked like a pipe dream a few years ago, but it is now a must-have for any affiliate marketer. After conducting an extensive study, I discovered that mobile devices now account for the majority of traffic. The basic goal of Adplexity Carriers is to collect data from specific campaigns that are delivered over mobile carrier networks. Check AdPlexity Carriers Coupon Code for a 35% discount on your subscription.

Adplexity API

API gives you complete control over all of Adplexity’s capabilities and how you may incorporate them into your monetization strategy. You can simply locate the finest traffic sources, configure custom filtering parameters, and determine which ad style would work best for your campaigns with this tool. You may quickly search by keyword, network, advertiser, publisher, and many other criteria. You may examine the information from over 74 countries using the API. It is the finest option if you require a marketing solution that can handle large-scale campaigns.

AdPlexity FAQs

What does AdPlexity offer?

AdPlexity provides real-time insights on distinct desktop and mobile ad exchange campaigns. This helps you to uncover profitable ads in a single go. With AdPlexity, you can deeply analyze the campaigns using features like ad trend, a device targeted, traffic sources used, and publishers.

How is AdPlexity different from other spy tools?

AdPlexity is the only efficient spy tool that serves the market with Android Apps, Mobile webs, and various pop ads traffic. It offers the user with in-depth data statistics of all the trendy ads, including multiple filtering options. By searching for specific keywords, affiliate networks, and advertisers, you can discover the most effective campaign strategies and seamlessly generate the highest conversion rates.

How accurate is AdPlexity?

AdPlexity is an ad spy tool that uses numerous ways to ensure the accuracy of its findings. All the platform developers guarantee you receive is as accurate as possible. However, even the most organized tools can have minor inconsistencies. In such cases, the support team evaluates your data to remove any technical difficulties. Just drop an email at to resolve queries.

What are the plans offered AdPlexity?

Yes, It offers multiple subscription plans. First is the mobile subscription plan for $199/month, which offers data for popup ads and android in-apps across 5 networks. The second is the desktop plan for $199/month. The third is the naive plan for $250/month, which offers data from all major browsers. Fourth is the push plan for $149/month. Fifth is the e-commerce plan for $199/month. Sixth is the carriers plan for $149/month, which offers 500MB data transfer monthly. With its easy-to-use interface, you also get valuable data about mobile display web ads of 15 exchange platforms with effective chat support.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can. Subscription fees are non-refundable. But if you initiate a refund within 24 hours of buying it, you can easily get a refund.

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